Home loans starting at 10.75%

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Home Loans starting from 8.60% to have your Dream House become your Real Home.

Home loans are an easy way which grant you a house at a cheaper EMI. This will help you realise your plans of owning a house at an early age and with much less pressure, as the bank/ the lender will pay the developer the cost of the house according to the plan/ terms already agreed upon. You, as a single person, need not shrug your shoulders or go tensed all the way for not being able to pay the entire cost for your dream house. Passion can sometimes be demanding, but with the right help at the right time, things can shape very well.

Benefits of a home loan

Tax Benefits:

Tax is that portion of your revenue which has to be paid to the government for the services it provides. In terms of home loans, anyone who opts it can use it as a tax deductable principal and one can actually save more money. An individual can claim a deduction of upto Rs. 2 lakhs, based on the interest portion, according to Section 24B of Income Tax of India Act. However, the deductions are available only when the house is completely ready and no portion of the deduction can be claimed while the house is still under construction. In case, you decide to build or buy a second house, you can claim the interest tax deduction for the entire amount of housing loan interest paid, which makes it even easier for you.

No prepayment charges:

Home loans are different from other types of loans as they do not charge any prepayment charges/ penalties on floating rate home loans, unlike other loans. Through this means of interest payment, you can use your surplus money for making part payment towards your home loan thereby reducing your burden and obligation. However, despite such merits, there will be prepayment charges in case of floating rate home loan, yet, it will not affect your credibility.

Balance Transfer Facility:

Balance tranfer facility benefits by transferring your home loan from one lender to another, if the latter provides the loan at a comparatively lower interest rate. This feature is not present in any other type of loan. This feature will make sure you get your finance for your house in ease and peace..

Makes it easy to buy dream home:

Home loans ensure that one buys his/her own house or builds them without any financial crisis as most of the people are not as wealthy to afford the entire amount needed. These loans help one to meet their financial needs while buying / building their house and these funds can be repaid through EMIs which makes it even more easy and comfortable for the borrower.

High repayment Tenure:

Tenure is the total time period of a loan to be repaid by the borrower. This tenure is longest only in home-loans which goes upto 30 years. Through this even the burden of EMIs can be reduced as the tenure itself is long enough for repaying the loan amount.

Enjoy capital appreciation:

Why is that one gets so obsessed with owing a house? It’s not only for the momentary pleasure but it’s also a means of investment. Here, people invest on the land underneath and the building that stands on it. Even after so many years, even when your house becomes old, the land underneath will bring you more prosperity and wealth, as, the price of the property keeps increasing over time.

Saves you from paying rent:

Owing a house has its own advantages among which a notable one is the zero need to pay rents. Rents for houses are supremely high in cities which will put a strain on your monthly budget comparing to which, you could rather pay EMIs and own a house.

Home Loan Eligibility Criteria:

Home loan Eligibility Criteria is very important for any borrower to apply for such loans to any lender, for, the borrower is aware of how much amount he/she is capable of getting from the lenders. These criteria can however change for each lender despite some common requirements.

Age Min: 18 years
Max: 75 years
salery Rs.10,000 per month (minimum)
Employment Type Stability Salaried or Self-employed individual/partnership;
3 yrs. (minimum) total experiebusiness/profession;
2 yrs. (minimum) in currepost/business/profession.
Type of Car New or used
Residence Area Stability Urban/Semi-urban/Rural & 1 yr. (minimum) stay at current residence

Documents required for Home Loan:

There are various factors and documents required to grant a home loan. The process involved is very easy and therefore the factors involved in you owning a house is very simple. Different documents required for a Home loan are:

1. Completed Loan Application
2. Proof of Identification (any one of it):
  • Driving license
  • Ration card
  • Passport
  • PAN card
  • Voter’s ID card
  • Employee ID
  • Bank passbook
  • 3. Proof of Age (any one of it):
    • PAN card
    • Birth certificate
    • 10th class mark sheet
    • Bank passbook
    • Passport
    • Driving license
    4. Address Proof (any one of it):
    • Bank passbook or Bank account statement/li>
    • Voter’s ID
    • Ration card
    • Passport
    • Utility bill (telephone, electricity, water, gas) – less than 2 months old
    • LIC policy/ receipt
    • Letter from a recognized public authority verifying the customer’s residence address
    5. Income Documents:
    Salaried individuals (any one of the following):
    • Form 16
    • Certified letter from Employer
    • Pay slip (Last 2 months)
    • Increment or Promotion letter
    • IT returns (for 3 years)

    These proofs of income of the salaried individual should also be submitted along with any investment proofs like fixed deposits / shares / anything and a passport-size photo of the borrower.

    Self Employed or businessman [All the below documents are needed]:
    • Last 3 years Income tax returns of the applicant along with computation of income duly attested by a Chartered Accountant.
    • Last 2 years Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss account of the firm- duly attested by a Chartered Accountant.
    • A brief introduction of his profession/business
    • Passport size photographs
    • Photocopy of Registration Certificate of establishment under Shops and Establishments Act/Factories Act
    • Photocopy of Registration Certificate for deduction of Profession Tax
    • Proof of investments
    • Certificate of Practice
    • Receipts of advance tax payments (if any )
    6. Property Documents:
    • Sale deed, agreement of sale with the builder (original copy)
    • Land and building tax paid receipts, location sketch of the property certified by the revenue authorities, possession certificate
    • Letter of allotment given by the Housing Board/Society/Private builder
    • Original receipts of the advance payments that are made towards the purchase of flat
    • An approved copy of the building plan (key plan/floor plan in case of purchase of flats)
    • Original of the land tax paid receipt and possession certificate as issued by the revenue authority
    • Original No objection certificate (NOC) from the housing society or builder
    • Detailed estimate of the cost of construction of house
    • Letter from the builder/society/housing board, stating their account number and name of their bankers for the remittance of installments


    Home loans in India have increased tremendously over the past few years and many dreams of owing a house has become a reality. Many financial institutions lend many types of home loans and the most prominent 7 types are as follows:

    Home Loan:

    Home loan is the most popular and common type of loan that any lender would offer to their borrower in need. This loan can be opted by someone who needs to purchase a dream home, for, this loan is very transparent and flexible in fair terms.

    Land or Plot Loan:

    According to Home loans, you need not approach a bank or the lender for buying or building your dream house. You can also approach them to raise finance or borrow funds for buying a land to build your dream house. These loans consist of interest rates and tenures as well.

    Home Construction Loan:

    These loans are granted especially for those who want funds to construct their dream house. Only who construct their house can apply for this type of loan.

    Home Extension Loan:

    Home Extension loan can be very useful when you decide to expand your house, as in, if you decide to add a new room / floor, you can approach the banks for this type of loan to raise funds. Home extension will be necessary mainly if your family grows.

    Home Improvement/ Renovation Loan:

    As the name suggests, this type of loan is used to raise funds for renovating your already existing house. Renovation includes painting the exteriors and interiors, plumbing, upgrading electrical system, installing new tiles, and so on, which deal with upgrading your house.

    Home Loan Balance Transfer:

    Home Loan Balance Transfer helps the borrower to transfer the home loan from one lender to another lender who offers lower home loan interest rate and better services than the first lender. Even the service of a top-up loan besides the home loan amount is offered by the banks which will help the borrower get additional funds to fulfil their other needs regarding their dream house project.

    Composite Loan:

    Composite loan refers to a combined loan, where one can buy a plot and get funds for constructing their dream house on it as well.

    How To Apply For A Home Loan at ClickLends?

    As stated before, one of our key features is the fact that we possess a simple and quick online application method, unlike the old method which involves more procedures.

    Applying for a home loan involves three simple steps:

    Step-1: Filling of the quick form:

    A quick form is the most significant prospect, for, it is required to decide who is eligible for a loan and who is not, depending upon one’s credibility and stability and also for one’s own personal information, proof and verification of information provided. In the first step, the customer needs to fill in the quick form which includes filling the following details:

    • Full Name (as per PAN Card)
    • Date of Birth
    • Email Address
    • Contact Number
    • Monthly Income
    • Expected Loan Amount
    • Work Experience
    • Company Name
    • Pan Number
    • Pin code

    Step-2: Process of Verification and Documentation:

    After the Step-1 is completed, you shall receive a call from our customer care regarding your document verification and collection of the mentioned documents (if not yet supplied). Initially, after you finish giving your personal information, our customer care will reach you through a call and will request you to present certain documents such as your Pan card, your Salary receipt and so on in order to verify the given details in the quick form. The next thing which will happen is the process of verification, where the prescribed details will be cross-checked for one last time before initiating the loan process.

    Step-3: Processing of Loan:

    Once the quick form is filled with the necessary details and once the verification process gets over, you’ll reach the last step to get your loan amount credited to your bank account. Once the verification is done, the loan process will start and within 3 days the loan will be proceed to therespective borrower and his bank account will be credited with the loan amount. Just 3 days, and the entire loan amount will become yours for use.