About Clicklends

Clicklends in a wider and deeper perspective!


We, Clicklends, is a Financial technology startup which deals with a digital marketplace for lending and borrowing of various types of loans like personal loans, unsecured loans, installment loans and loans without collateral. The main aspect that we focus upon is in uniting different innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology to make sure that the financial products are made available to the common man in an economic and efficient manner, unlike the old financial processes.


We, being an online finance company, aim in connecting the borrowers and the lenders of money in forming an efficient network of financial market, so that we could provide the best deal possible for both the stakeholders involved. Apart from the different kinds of loans like personal, unsecured and installment, we also have in stock the services of providing credit cards and other value-added services to our customers. Big-data analytics, credit risk assessment and verification to ensure safety and an automated work-flow for loan origination and management to enhance efficiency and affordability are all that we have set out to do for you.